A Blu-ray Guide to Cartoon Christmas Specials


A handy guide to all your favorite animated Christmas classics available in Blu-ray High-Definition!

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The Best Cartoon Christmas Specials of All Time

The highest-rated animated Christmas specials as decided by pure science!

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Dec 25. – 50 Joyous pics of Cartoon Santas!

Similar to what we did last year with the Top 25 Cartoon Christmas Trees, A Cartoon Christmas is letting you (AND ME!) skip the usual 1000+ words of grammatically defiant babble on this day of days, while still giving you the opportunity to look at some gorgeous animated imagery.

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Dec. 4 – A Cartoon Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

An animated gift for almost any smartphone

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Top 5 Best Christmas Specials of 2009

top5-best-christmas-specialOf all the specials we covered last year (see sidebar on the left), these have the distinct honor of being our favorites.

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Dec. 25 – The Top 25 Cartoon Christmas Trees


From our favorite Animated Christmas Specials!

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Dec. 2 – The Snowman

Original Airdate: December 24, 1982

James is a young boy left largely alone in his countryside home during a a winter of epic snowfall. One day he builds a snowman for companionship, and as luck would have it, the thing comes to life! The two engage in lighthearted mischief until the sentient creature of compacted condensation eventually flies the boy to the North Pole for a party he’ll never forget.

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Taking Back Christmas Specials

Dude… Christmas rules amirite?! But as we “The Children of the 80’s,” grow older, crap like work deadlines, the price of airfare, and gift-giving budgetary restraints do their damndest to damper our Holiday Spirit year in and year out. Let ‘em try! I’ve got a backlog of DVDs with enough Xmas Mojo to keep even … Read more