The Best Cartoon Christmas Specials of All Time

The highest-rated animated Christmas specials as decided by pure science!

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Happy 77th Birthday, Donald Duck

I do sincerely apologize to our baker’s dozen of regular readers for lack of posts lately. More importantly, I’d never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t acknowledge the birthday of one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters!

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Dec 25. – 50 Joyous pics of Cartoon Santas!

Similar to what we did last year with the Top 25 Cartoon Christmas Trees, A Cartoon Christmas is letting you (AND ME!) skip the usual 1000+ words of grammatically defiant babble on this day of days, while still giving you the opportunity to look at some gorgeous animated imagery.

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Dec. 4 – A Cartoon Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

An animated gift for almost any smartphone

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Dec. 22 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol


Original Air Date: December 10, 1984
(Theatrical Premiere: December 13, 1983)

Scrooge McDuck takes on the role he was born to play in Disney’s damn-near definitive version of Charles Dickens’ Holiday classic.

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