OUR MISSION – Taking Back Christmas Specials

Dude… Christmas rules amirite?! But as we “The Children of the 80’s,” grow older, crap like work deadlines, the price of airfare, and gift-giving budgetary restraints do their damndest to damper our Holiday Spirit year in and year out. Let ‘em try! I’ve got a backlog of DVDs with enough Xmas Mojo to keep even the most terminal case of Yule Tide Blues at bay.

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A Cartoon Christmas Returns for 2012

The Greatest Lil’ Animated Advent Calendar That Could returns for one more year of December Cartoons!

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I made the Nativity scene better!

Looks like somebody’s back and at their parents’ home for Christmas and doing a little rummagin’ in the old toy box!

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Dec. 20 – Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Originally premiered: December 7, 1999

An anthology of three twenty-minute Xmas shorts starring Disney’s most classic characters

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Dec. 9 – Mickey’s Good Deed

Original Premiere:December 17, 1932


A lovely black and white Mickey short becomes the jumping off point for our angriest article ever. Apologies in advance….

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Top 5 Best Christmas Specials of 2009

top5-best-christmas-specialOf all the specials we covered last year (see sidebar on the left), these have the distinct honor of being our favorites.

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