Looks like V-Day finally pushed Chuck over the edge

Did over thirty-five years of Valentine’s Day rejection turn Charlie Brown into a nicotine-addicted arsonist?! Either that, or Banksy’s back in town…

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Valentine’s Day Special – Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Original Air Date: January 28, 1975

It’s Valentine’s Day, and no one is spared from the Holiday heartbreak

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Garfield, Charlie Brown, and Spider-man in a commercial for… pet toilets?!

Okay, the headline is obviously a joke, and a cynical one at that. But seriously, what capitalistic titan could you possibly imagine assembling Marmaduke, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Dick Tracy, Garfield, Peanuts, Little Orphan Annie, Brenda Starr, and Spider-Man as pitchmen for their product? Hint: You DID NOT see this during the Super Bowl…

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Dec. 6 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

Original Air Date: December 9, 1965

Instead of breaking down the famous Christmas special you all know by heart, head inside to learn the behind-the-scenes stuff you probably never knew…

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Taking Back Christmas Specials

Dude… Christmas rules amirite?! But as we “The Children of the 80’s,” grow older, crap like work deadlines, the price of airfare, and gift-giving budgetary restraints do their damndest to damper our Holiday Spirit year in and year out. Let ‘em try! I’ve got a backlog of DVDs with enough Xmas Mojo to keep even … Read more