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Tag: animated christmas specials

Dec. 22 – Bump in the Night “Twas the Night Before Bumpy”

BUMP IN THE NIGHT “TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE BUMPY” Original Air Date: December, 19, 1995 A little green monster who lives under a bed sets out to steal Santa’s bag of presents, destroying all his friendships in the wake of his selfishness.

Dec. 20 – Family Guy “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas”

FAMILY GUY “A VERY SPECIAL FAMILY GUY FREAKIN’ CHRISTMAS” Original Air Date: December 21, 2001 Seth MacFarlane rips off the Simpsons every day with his shows. Why not do a Christmas episode as well?

Dec. 18 – Clone High “Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode”

CLONE HIGH “SNOWFLAKE DAY: A VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY EPISODE” Original Air Date: April 13, 2003 In a world already inhabited by clones, it’s only natural Christmas would be anything but traditional

Dec. 17 – South Park “A Very Crappy Christmas”

SOUTH PARK “A VERY CRAPPY CHRISTMAS” Original Air Date: December 20, 2000 The boys teach the people of South Park the true meaning of Christmas

Dec. 14 – The Boondocks “A Huey Freeman Christmas”

THE BOONDOCKS “A HUEY FREEMAN CHRISTMAS” Original Air Date: December 18, 2005 ‘Tis the time of year to ask yourself: How much is your artistic vision worth?

Dec. 12 – Count Duckula “A Christmas Quacker”

COUNT DUCKULA “A CHRISTMAS QUACKER” Original Air Date: December 26, 1990 When Christmas arrives at Castle Duckula, Santa gets lost in the extensive chimney system! As the residents of the castle eagerly await Santa to find the right exit, Count Duckula takes a short mind-trip into his favorite comic book due to Nanny’s dangerous Christmas […]

Dec. 11 – The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree

The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree – A family of grizzlies have waited until the last possible minute to obtain a sacred symbol of the Holidays…

Dec. 10 – Frosty Returns

FROSTY RETURNS – It’s got singing, evil inventors out to ruin snow days for everyone, and a group of kids helping Frosty bring back the magic of winter. What more do you want?

Dec. 6 – The Fairly OddParents “Christmas Every Day!”

When a certain spoiled protagonist wishes that it were Christmas every day, only the magic of song can save the day.

Dec. 4 – The Smurfs Christmas Special

THE SMURFS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Original Air Date: Decemember 13, 1982 Two lost children invade Smurf Village and Gargamel makes a pact with Satan. Will the Smurfs be able to smurf this smurfly smurf?! (kill me)

Why I prefer cartoon Christmas specials – Reason #428

Because most Christmas movies are dogshit

Dec. 1st – Disney’s Prep and Landing

PREP & LANDING Original Air Date: December 8, 2009 Santa wouldn’t be able to hit every house without a crack team of elves already on the ground. This is their story…

The Best Cartoon Christmas Specials of All Time

The highest-rated animated Christmas specials as decided by pure science!

OUR MISSION – Taking Back Christmas Specials

Dude… Christmas rules amirite?! But as we “The Children of the 80’s,” grow older, crap like work deadlines, the price of airfare, and gift-giving budgetary restraints do their damndest to damper our Holiday Spirit year in and year out. Let ‘em try! I’ve got a backlog of DVDs with enough Xmas Mojo to keep even […]

A Cartoon Christmas Returns for 2012

The Greatest Lil’ Animated Advent Calendar That Could returns for one more year of December Cartoons!

Dec. 2 – Frosty the Snowman

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Original Air Date: December 7, 1969 A group of children and a magical rabbit bring a lovable snowman to life. Keeping him that way gets to be a little problematic…

Here we go again… What Christmas Special do you want to see this year?

Against all odds, A Cartoon Christmas is back for another year, bitches! We dare you to care just one more time. All we ask is that you help us out with some Animated Holiday suggestions…