More Cartoon Xmas Fun for Dec. 16th!

ROBBIE THE REINDEER IN HOOVES ON FIRE  Rudolph’s well-intentioned , yet naive son heads to the North Pole to fulfill his destiny as Santa’s chief navigator. THE FIRST EVER RUDOLPH CARTOON Before the stop-motion classic became a Holiday tradition, Rudolph came to theaters by the man behind Popeye and Betty Boop A CHIPMUNKS CHRISTMAS Alvin’s selfless act … Read more

More Cartoon Xmas Fun for Dec. 12th!

FRAGGLE ROCK “THE BELLS OF FRAGGLE ROCK” Gobo is having trouble believing in the Fraggles’ Holiday traditions. Is he willing to risk their lives for his curiosity? A VERY VENTURE BROS. CHRISTMAS Because evil doesn’t take Christmas off, the Venture family must survive a shortened special packed with Holiday parody FUTURAMA “XMAS STORY” Robot Santa’s gonna … Read more

More Cartoon Xmas fun for Dec. 11th

SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN’ TO TOWN A stop-motion Fred Astaire & Co. answer every question you never knew you had about Santa’s life story EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS A poor otter family struggles to make their musical Christmas wishes come true YOGI BEAR’S ALL-STAR CHRISTMAS Forced cameos, neglected, and child abduction! This special has something … Read more