Mickey, Donald and Goofy rip the night a new one


A tremendously unofficial comic depicts Disney’s famous trio out on the town, questioning life and love…

Not sure what brought this on, but this full-length comic on Sasquatch, entitled “Boys Night”, is pretty poised to be the best thing I’ll read all week. It shows Mickey, Donald, and Goofy reuniting for a night of drinking and debauchery. However, while I at first glance assumed it was just another excuse to draw dicks and drugs on Walt’s famous characters in some deluded attempt at edginess, what I got was exactly the opposite. Well, it is a bit naughty, but by no means NSFW (Unless you work for Disney’s legal department – DON’T LOOK!)


Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, son of the legendary John Landis, has strangely crafted a bizarre, yet thoroughly sincere look at the latter day lives of these characters, as both timeless icons and aging, and increasingly irrelevant, Hollywood stars. Sort of like if we followed the characters in Roger Rabbit’s (who also gets a shoutout!) ToonTown into depressing middle age, and it bitter sweetly adheres to what little established “canon” these characters lay claim to. It’s a quick read and I can’t recommend it enough.



SOURCE | Thanks to Jeremy S via Facebook

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