You need to watch this beautiful 2D/stop motion animated Xmas advert!


“The Bear and The Hare” proves the power of hand-made animation is alive and well…

I have no idea what a “John Lewis” is, but that’s what this gorgeous little cartoon is advertising, and it’s a breathtaking two minutes of Christmas beauty.

Apparently, this dazzling piece of animation was the product of £1 million, six months, and former Disney animators drawing in 2D for hopefully not the last time ever. (You can see some glimmers of Brother Bear in there.)

the bear and the hare animation 1

To make the process even more painstaking even more painstaking on this collaboration between Premise Entertainment, Hornet Inc. and Blinkink, each “frame” of the woodland creatures were then laser etched into individual pieces or tiles, then hand animated on a real-life, stop motion background. Animation fans owe it to themselves to check out the behind-the-scenes of that process here and here. Oh, and then they threw in that Keane song from the Winnie the Pooh trailer.

the bear and the hare sketchOld timey art by Aaron Blaise

Ah, and it turns out John Lewis is a chain of UK department stores. So while I’ll probably never set foot in one, now I‘ll never forget they exist. See, money people? The power of marketing at work! (Seriously, make more cartoons dammit!)

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2 thoughts on “You need to watch this beautiful 2D/stop motion animated Xmas advert!

  1. Yep, John Lewis are a popular high-class department store over here. Saw this advert in the cinema before Frozen, was quite disappointed when I found out what it was advertising.

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