Dec. 25 – Peace on Earth

Original debut: December 9, 1939

What happens to the animals when the world runs out of goodwill toward men

Here it is, A Cartoon Christmas’ final post of 2012. And it’s short, but by no means sweet… While that Grandpa Squirrel certainly may sound a lot like Bugs Bunny (because it is) this MGM short takes on a much more serious tone. Whatever, you’re probably overdue for a more serious message if you’ve been keeping up with the site at all. Even though they’re living on a scorched Earth, these adorably modernized animals should somewhat soften the blow, as they take a Christmas Day to ponder the meaning of the phrase “Goodwill toward men” when there aren’t actually any men left.

This little ditty got MGM their first ever Academy Award nomination for an animated short, and was even rumored to be nominated for a fucking Nobel Peace Prize! That’s probably not true, but it’s anit-war message endured for so long that Hanna-Barbera, surely starved for new ideas and certainly no stranger to rehashing things, remade the thing in 1955 to fit a widescreen CinemaScope presentation. It was once again nominated for an Oscar.

Merry Christmas, folks. Thanks for coming πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Dec. 25 – Peace on Earth

  1. Merry Christmas Chris, and thank you for this one. I’ve been hoping you’d post this short since you started the site.

    It truly is amazing how a species so dedicated to peace and cooperation is so good at waging war, and usually in the name of peace. Maybe the destruction of the human race really is the only way to have peace on earth. Well played Flying Spaghetti Monster, well played.

  2. Thank you from Spain and sorry for my bad English. I have read your blog for the 3 last years and itΒ΄s already an habit at christmas.
    I hope that you continue for a long time!

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