The Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made!

Finally, an Xmas Special showcase for the millions of people out there who hate Christmas! Our sister site, Laser Time, has posted a podcast concerning terribly awful Christmas Specials that’s guaranteed to entertain lovers and validate the revulsion of the Xmas Special loather in your life.

You’ll hear many clips and quips from Christmas crap we’ve covered here on A Cartoon Christmas *cough*SMURFS*cough*, as well as get a glimpse at a couple of write ups planned for our not-to-distant future. You’ll also get to revel in some of the Xmas garbage we chose to avoid, as well as other stuff that failed to meet our very loose criteria of Christmas and Animation.

LASER TIMEThe Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made
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And if you’re in the mood for more occasionally foul-mouthed Christmas fun, please note that Laser Time has previously done episodes that tie in heavily to our shenannigans at A Cartoon Christmas:

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A Cartoon Christmas and Laser Time are thick as thieves, so we strongly encourage you to Download, Listen, Subscribe, Review and ENJOY!



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  1. Still catching up on a backlog of lasertime shows, but I’ll respond to this when I finish listening to all the Christmas ones. We asked and you delivered, thanks Chris and crew

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