Dec. 16 – A Merry Marvel Christmas

BAM! POW! XMAS! A joyous collection of Marvel Christmas Covers!

In attempt to give both you and A Cartoon Christmas a break from our usual exhaustive amount of text on animated Xmas specials, today we’ve opted to post an exhaustive amount of images.!

More importantly as a Marvel fanboy, we’ve essentially blown our wad on classic Marvel Christmas specials with X-Men’s “Have Yourself A Morlock Little Christmas.” and we simply had to find a way to get more Spider-man up in here!

So, below you’ll find every goddamned Xmas-themed Marvel comics covers we could find, and in a first for us, multiple pages, due to the large size and dimensions of these lovely Christmas issues. Here’s the page breakdown

Page 1: Marvel Holiday Specials/Annuals from throughout the years
Page 2: One-shots! Singular festive covers from your favorite Marvel heroes

To get us started, here’s a look at Marvel’s Annual Holiday Special covers. Listed in chronological order no less!

Click to see the fold out

Click to see the fold out

NEXT PAGE: One-shots! Singular festive Xmas covers from your favorite Marvel heroes!

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