Dec. 6 – The Fairly OddParents “Christmas Every Day!”

The Fairly OddParents “Christmas Every Day!”
Original Air Date: December 12, 2001

When a certain spoiled protagonist wishes that it were Christmas every day, only the magic of song can save the day.

The Fairly OddParents can trace its long and twisted roots to one man – Butch Hartman. After interning as an in-between animator for An American Tail, Hartman mainly focused on designing cartoon characters in shows like My Little Pony, Punky Brewster, and Dink, the Little Dinosaur. Soon after, he got hired at Hanna-Barbera and made the animated shorts Pfish and Chip and Gramps for the What a Cartoon! Show, eventually serving as a writer and director of the whole operation. Why is that important? Well, many of the other shorts got their own shows, like Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and The PowerPuff Girls.

Hartman then looked to other projects, and while going to see Hanna-Barbera dictator Fred Seibert, got the idea for what would become The Fairly OddParents. The program was first shown as a part of Oh Yeah! Cartoons in 1998, showing the first 10 episodes of the series. Even though Oh Yeah! was canned in 2000, Nickelodeon, riding on the successes of the goliath that was Spongebob Squarepants, offered to make it its own show. Butch Hartman accepted, and OddParents was second only to the sponge himself as the top Nickelodeon cartoon.

Hartman was pretty much ordered by Nickelodeon to create another cartoon, with Danny Phantom filling that obligation. The show came and went with a little bit of hubbub. The Fairly OddParents had a short hiatus in the late 2000’s, but when the show came back, it yielded mixed results. People already complained that the show lost much of its wit and flavor over the years, and Nickelodeon adding a fairy baby to the mix did not help. They’ve even made a live-action movie starring Amanda Show drop out Drake Bell, with a second Christmas-themed movie out this month!

Christmas Every Day!” is the thirteenth episode in season 1. The second Christmas special, “Merry Wishmas”, didn’t air until season 6.

Nothing sets the mood like horrid sweaters

This is as clichéd as you can get as far as Christmas specials go, even opting for two musical segments, but there’s still that tinge of Fairly Odd humor that makes it unique. Christmas is the only free day of the year for Timmy Turner, so it would seem. Every other day has the potential for the evil babysitter, Vicky, to ruin his day.

Wrapping presents is for lame-os without Fairies!

Spending Christmas Eve wrapping fruitcake for Vicky clearly sucks for him, but he’ll grin (or not, as you can see above) and bear it because tomorrow is Christmas. His fairies are always at his side in some sort of ridiculous disguise, assuring him of the joys of Christmas morning.

Ingenious disguises galore

Timmy’s parents return home though the chimney, and Timmy is quick to dispose of Vicky. Cue the Scooby Doo mansion walls flipping over and revealing Christmas decorations that would make Clark Griswold humble.

A brief glimpse into pure alcoholism from Mr. Turner

Timmy assures himself that his parents are free to spend time with him on Christmas. His parents quickly settle him down, and reveal a glimpse at Mr. Turner’s crippling alcoholism via eggnog.

Jerry Seinfeld, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

Cut to the next morning: Christmas! Ushering his parents along, Timmy looks in awe at a literal sea of toys in this small, suburban home. Not bad for a somewhat selfish preteen.

It’s that kind of Christmas

He, Cosmo, and Wanda enjoy all the gifts and trinkets delivered by Santa himself, and are so happy they break into a very candid holiday jingle, with the chorus being “I wish every day was like Christmas.” The fairies reluctantly grant Timmy the wish, thus beginning Christmas day two.

It wouldn’t be a Christmas special without some sort of fucking song, now would it

Everything seems fine and dandy on this second day of Christmas, but as the days roll on, the people are getting pissed! With it being Christmas and all, banks, stores, and schools are closed every day, a travesty which is highlighted by the homicidal news anchor. Take note that Timmy’s dad is constantly inserting his eggnog-induced shenanigans into the town’s rioting.

Just keep looking into this eggnog nonsense

Things are dire, but the restless behavior is only the beginning. As Timmy ponders why people are acting so crazy, the Bostonian-sounding Easter Bunny throws him aside and berates him for how the other holidays don’t get their days anymore because every goddamn day is Christmas.

What could possibly go wrong?

After introducing the colored cast of holidays, the gang begins to threaten Timmy, until Wanda explains that Santa needs fairy magic of all things to get shit done, and apparently every fairy in Fairy World gives him the power he needs. Yay for plot convenience!


After the clearly Jerry Seinfeld-inspired April Fool (every other sentence ends in ‘what’s up with that?!’, for god’s sake) states that they just want to make the kids happy like Santa does, they come up with a malicious plan to poof him out of existence. They kidnap Timmy’s fairies and are on their way to the North Pole.

The Easter Bunny’s gonna make you swim with the Swedish Fishes!

Fairyless, Timmy rummages through his Amazon warehouse-sized toy collection to find something to get him there. All seems lost, until his dad complains he can’t find any eggnog under the snowmobile, the survival gear, a detailed map… You get the point, it’s fucking deus ex machina. Timmy, thinking ahead, decides to basically send a Facebook wall post to every kid on the internet just by pressing enter (there’s the real magic, kids).

Who would have thought his alcoholism would lead to his son running away from home?

While on his journey, Timmy runs into kids from shitholes in Montana, really obnoxiously French assholes in Canada, and a giant shark in Greenland, the latter of whom devours his snowmobile whole. Thinking quick, he disguises himself as the “Birthday Boy” holiday when the holiday gang shows up (again, convenience much?).

Canadians, apparently

Things aren’t swell for Santa, either. With Christmas every day, he’s running out of ideas for the children of the world, but still feels dedicated to the job.

Even sharks get Christmas garb

Timmy manages to steal Baby New Year’s diaper and find his way to Santa Claus in no time. He warns him just in time for the other holidays to arrive. Before you know it, a giant battle erupts, with the other holidays sapping his magic with Cosmo and Wanda. Easter Bunny absorbs the magic, ready to blast Santa out of existence.

Kissy kissy!

Timmy is ready to die for Santa, when (in his words) “every web-enabled kid in the world” swings by to stop the madness. Being that the holiday gang just wants to make kids happy, they see the error of their ways. A quick conversion from homicidal to jovial.


Santa is still obsessive-compulsive about granting all of the kids’ desires, when Timmy comes up with the idea that all of the kids should wish that the next day would be December 26.  The kids comply, and Santa happily obliges.

The world is returned to normalcy until he makes another stupid wish

Cue the same song from before with different lyrics, as Timmy is lulled to sleep by his fairies. The next day, what do you know, is December 26. Everything is back to normal, and the Fairy overlords dictate a rule that basically states this can never happen again. Thus ends this holiday tale.

There’s not even a semblance of religion in this Christmas spectacular, a very secular holiday spectacular. What do you expect, they’re fucking magical fairies!

Santa’s the man giving gifts every year (every day for most of this episode), pretty much acting as some sort of grand fairy this time around.

Timmy learns in the end that the world can’t revolve around him, but he tends to learn and unlearn that message almost every episode of this damned show, so it can’t really count for much. Still, sentiments of bonding families, warm and fuzzy feelings, and love for the children are all abound.

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You can find “Christmas Every Day!” in The Fairly Oddparents: Season 1 and the second Christmas episode in The Fairly OddParents: Season 6. If you’re in the mood for mass amounts of Nicktoons holiday cheer, I recommend checking out Nicktoons Christmas: Tales of  Good Tidings, which contains Christmas specials from The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, and Rocket Power.









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