A Cartoon Christmas Returns for 2012

The Greatest Lil’ Animated Advent Calendar That Could returns for one more year of December Cartoons!

Remember us? Last year was kind of our biggest ever (see the 2011 side bar to your left.). However, I haven’t updated the site in almost a year. When was that last post made? The Super Bowl?! Yeesh…

Click to see an all-time favorite.

Anyhoo, I’m hoping to pull off one more (potentially final?!) year of animated shenanigans. Since 2009, A Cartoon Christmas has posted at least one article – review, features, showcase, etc. – of a famous, infamous, or obscure animated Christmas Special every day in December leading up to the 25th. That makes SEVENTY-FIVE! And we desperately wanna get to an even ONE HUNDRED.

Click here to see a NEW classic, click here to see a custom panorama!

A while back I put out the feelers on one of the many podcasts I do to see if you guys wanted to see A Cartoon Christmas pull this shit off one more year. Not only there was a resounding “YES!”, many of you had suggestions, and even better, offered to volunteer! Twitter has been nasty about allowing me to access those @ replies, so I humbly ask that if you’re still interested, hit me again on teh Tweeterz, user name @cantista.

One of my favs from last year

So… what Christmas specials would you like us to cover?! Obviously, we have a prospective list in mind featuring classic prime-time Xmas specials of yore, special Xmas episodes from regularly aired shows, as well as Holiday obscurities, both of the “rightfully forgotten” and “hidden gem” variety.

One of my all-time favs!

Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell, we tend to play fast and loose with what constitutes a “Cartoon Christmas Special.” Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below, and we’ll factor that in to what we cover in this our potentially final year.

Yo, Joe! They ain’t all classics…

8 thoughts on “A Cartoon Christmas Returns for 2012

  1. Woo hoo!

    This site has always been a high-lite of my Decembers for the last two years. I love re-living all the great holiday specials I loved as a child.

    And for the love of God, you have to plug the shit out of this site on Laser Time… maybe even do an ACartoonChristmas episode (please, oh please, oh please please please)

  2. There are plenty you haven’t covered yet that I’d love to see you cover. I don’t think I’ve seen you tackle the original Christmas Eve on Sesame Street yet. Or Elmo Saves Christmas. (I know Elmo’s not a fave for many people, but this is actually rather well-written, and contains a cute wordless joke referring to the similarity of two Sesame characters to two characters in a classic Christmas movie.)

    If you wanted a change of pace, you could tackle the short “Peace On Earth” and/or its 1950s remake, “Good Will To Men.” I know the subject matter isn’t all that festive (Mankind destroyed themselves! Merry Christmas!) but it was a message that was needed then. (And may we always heed it.)

    Matter of fact, I don’t think The Year Without A Santa Claus is up here yet…

  3. Oh, and another one I didn’t mention… “The Spirit Of Christmas.”

    This one may be a little obscure, but it’s worth looking up on YouTube. It was aired primarily in the Philadelphia area, and in recent years PBS has been airing it again. It was sponsored by Bell Telephone and was done entirely by marionettes.

    The first half is an enactment of “The Night Before Christmas” which is kind of weird-looking–the characters have that slightly disturbing look that overly cartoony puppets do.

    But the second half, a recreation of the Nativity story, is extremely well done with detailed, humanlike puppets and remarkable sets. If you can get past it looking like The Gospel According To Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, it’s well worth a watch!

  4. Sorry, hopefully this is the last one but I thought of another. This is called “The Night Before Christmas”–not the Rankin/Bass one with the mice and the clock, but a fictionalized story of how Clement Clark Moore came to write the poem. It was made in the late sixties, I think.

    In this special, Moore’s daughter falls ill while he’s away on business. He has promised to find her a story about Santa Claus while he’s away. When he returns to find her ill with pneumonia, he comes up with the poem as a way to fulfill his promise to her. The poem is set to a tune that popped up on several albums (mainly, the Harry Simeone Chorale one) and acted out. The daughter recovers just in time for Christmas and all is well.

    I think you can find it on YouTube. The animation’s quite good and the music is lovely.

  5. Okay, there’s ANOTHER thing I thought of.

    There are various animated versions of A Christmas Carol floating around (like the old Kenner Classics version, or the Australian-animated one, or the one with Tim Curry voicing Scrooge). Many of those are rather mediocre, but may make for funny entries.

    But there is one stand-out animated version–the Richard Williams-animated one, produced by Chuck Jones, released in the early 70s, and nominated for an Oscar. (Can’t remember if it won.)

    This is viewed as one of the best versions out there. They even got Alistair Sim to reprise Scrooge for it–and Sim’s Marley, Michael Hordern, to reprise HIS role!

    There are other animated Christmas Carol knockoffs like “Brer Rabbit’s Christmas Carol” and “The Flintstones Christmas Carol”. The latter, like Magoo, uses a framing device of a stage production of ACC. The framing device is stupid, but the actual adaptation is surprisingly well-written–doing a good job of keeping the spirit of Dickens’ words.)

    You can visit Jim Hill Media’s “Scrooge U” section to find out about the various Christmas Carol versions.

    Also, if you need more fodder, check this page out: http://www.platypuscomix.net/hollywood/misfitsindex.html. This mentions many forgotten animated specials (like the sadly-underrated “Ziggy’s Gift.”)

  6. Sorry to keep coming back with ideas, but…

    How about “Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus”? There was that CGI special that aired a couple years ago, but I’m thinking more of this one made by the makers of the Peanuts specials. In fact, most of the kids look like they should be hanging out with Charlie Brown and Linus!

    There’s also “The Night The Animals Talked”, a Nativity-themed one. I think you can find it on YouTube.

    And I mentioned “Ziggy’s Gift” in passing before. If there were any justice in this world, this would be every bit as beloved as Charlie Brown.

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