Dec. 21 – Ed Edd n Eddy “Jingle Jingle Jangle”

Original Air Date: December 3, 2004

Nothing like a snowy cul-de-sac to give you the Christmas feeling…


Following the cancellation of MTV station ident-turned- series, The Brothers Grunt, animator Danny Antonucci was looking to break his trope of being an “angsty and edgy,” and came up with a kid-friendly concept: Ed, Edd n Eddy. Nickelodeon demanded complete creative control of the show, so Antonucci said no, and took the show to Cartoon Network, who were quick to pick up the unique idea.

1994’s The Brothers Grunt, MTV’s short-lived compliment to Beavis & Butthead

Ed Edd n Eddy fit snugly in the home of Cartoon Network, which had established  a string of successful original programming in the “Cartoon Cartoons” programming (bringing you successful shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls), and with the pilot airing in 1999, the show was a hit.

Whistle the song if ya know it!

Ed Edd n Eddy attracted all sorts of fans, but soon into successful airings, Antonucci had a plan to end it. There was only to be four seasons, but the suits at Cartoon Network demanded two more be put out. These seasons, where the Eds are shown in middle school, and not up to summer hijinks, are some of the lower points in the franchise, but still had the classic animation style that distinguished it from the midst of other cartoons.

Following the various holiday-themed specials, and a random tie-in with other Cartoon Network shows circa-2006, the fate of the series what up in the air. Season 6 featured only one episode, and it was unknown if it would be a full season, or would be essentially part of a season and a movie. Well, the latter came true, and the result was Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show, a sort of run-of-the-mill TV movie starring the Eds. Concluding that movie, the series is over, as is syndication and repeats is also over, save for this Christmas special below


As a staple of my childhood, I’m glad that Ed Edd n Eddy was picked up for two more seasons, even though you could tell Antonucci didn’t pour his heart and soul as he did throughout the previous seasons. However, it seems pretty clear Antonucci had a fucking ball with the various holiday specials!

How about a little theft to ring in the new year?

It’s Christmas Eve in town, and the local kids are anxiously awaiting Christmas. However, Eddy, the local Scrooge, goes looking for his Christmas presents early, only to find he’s only received clothes for Christmas. Much like all of us at this age, Eddy is PISSED.

Nothing but the best for everyone’s favorite disgruntled teen

Meanwhile, at the trailer park, the Kanker sisters are celebrating Christmas in their special way, when they notice a light coming from a star. Cue Jesus moment #1.

The first of many, many Jesus parallels

Ed is excitedly waiting for Santa, sprucing up his room in the most Ed-like way possible, which basically means making it even messier. Double D (Edd) shows up, offering a poinsettia before Ed smashes it as you would expect.

Merry Christmas, from the town rednecks

Finally, Eddy shows up just in time to berate the others for getting shitty gifts, while ruining Ed’s gravy-cakes and milk for Santa. After an argument with Double D, Eddy concludes he’ll milk everyone for their presents by putting himself up for adoption (because that’s how it works), much to the other Ed’s chagrin.

Classy decorations at the “Ed & Sarah” household

First, Eddy walks over to Jonny and Plank’s house, only to discover that all of the snow in their yard is missing. After being invited into the house, Eddy learns that it’s one of Jonny’s family Christmas traditions to bring all of the snow into their house as a thanks to Mother Nature. All of the presents under Jonny’s Christmas tree are frozen in ice blocks, and Eddy plans to try and crack them open.

How people REALLY get into Christmas

However, a trapdoor opens underneath him and sends him down an ice slide, sending Eddy into Jonny’s front yard. Jonny comes out of his house and tells Eddy that Plank knew that he was only trying to steal their Christmas all along, and at these time cannot adopt Eddy in the end.

Here’s why Eddy is the mastermind of the gang

Eddy tries his luck at local Amish boy Rolf’s house, but soon learns that much like all of Rolf’s life, his “Christmas” celebration is filled with ye old traditions.

Yeah…. Amish Christmas unfortunately is upon us

The Eds are ashamed of Eddy’s and his horribly skewed view on what Christmas is all about, so Edd formulates a plan to show Eddy the true meaning of Christmas. (Jesus, these Eds are hard to keep track of. Those writer meetings must’ve been fucking insane!) Next, Eddy tries his hand at the local harlot, Nazz’s house. Dressed as sexy as Y7 can be, Eddy is flustered, but nonetheless goes in. However, when Nazz points out the mistletoe she has, Eddy spit-takes all of the eggnog Nazz gave him all over her, and is quickly kicked out.

As sexy as the Cartoon Network censors allow

While on his way to the next house, Eddy is lured into a trap where Ed and Double D await to show him the true meaning of Christmas, and with that, Jesus Moment #2! However, Eddy quickly ignores them, stealing the wings off of Double D’s angel costume, and proceeds to the questionably effeminate Jimmy’s house.

Gingerbread genocide, ladies and gentlemen

Eddy successfully fools Jimmy as a Christmas angel who picks a child to stay with every Christmas to show them the true meaning. Eddy’s trick works on Jimmy, but first, Jimmy shows him his gay Christmas cookie village, complete with a town square and all. Jimmy has to “tinkle”, and leaves briefly, just enough time for Eddy to devour the entire village whole. Jimmy, enraged, calls Sarah, Ed’s mean younger sister, who proceeds to beat the shit out of Eddy.

There’s such a thing as too jolly

Desperate, Eddy tries for the neighborhood jock, Kevin. Thinking it’s hook-line-and-sinker, Eddy awaits his present as Kevin goes to get it. However, it’s just a fist that punches him in the face, with an insult by Kevin to boot.

Kevin gets in on Portal technology three years early

Eddy is clearly depressed, and wanders into an empty field with a glimmering Christmas tree, but with one bulb burnt out. Remembering the bulb Ed put in his pocket, he fixes the tree. The heavenly aura attracts Double D and Ed, who inform him of his gracious deed. Eddy feels good, and realizes the true meaning of Christmas, so it seems. Then the neighborhood kids show up in awe, just before Santa throws a giant sack full of presents overboard his sleigh to the kids.

This is what happens when Jesus gets electrocuted

Eddy looks inside, and quickly runs to Rolf’s meat locker to horde the presents for himself. Ed and Double D confront him, but before the chaos continues, a mysterious wind blows away the door to the meat locker, and it is the Kanker Sisters, revealing their “mold, franks n’ cents, and furr” that they have found, making a crystal clear Jesus Moment #3. Fortunately, the novelty wears think quickly, and the Kankers begin to make out with them, hanging a sign on the shed door reading, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL NEXT X-MAS.” Merry Christmas.

Apparently there’s nothing better to do than look at a Christmas tree… at least it’s unique?

The show definitely reinforces Jesus-isms like peace on earth and giving to others, and all that jazz, but this picture is what takes the cake.

This is what I’ll frame as my nativity scene

Although not the focus of the plot, Ed’s insistence that he’s Santa’s elf helper – and the fact that Santa delivers the children’s presents in a giant Christmas bag is enough to give him major clout in the show.

While the climax ends in a revelation by Eddy that Christmas is about what you find in your heart, it’s clear he’s fooling everyone into stealing their presents anyway. Plus, it ends with the Eds basically being forced to make out with the Kanker Sisters, anyway. So there’s that.

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Although often considered part of Season 4, Ed Eddy n Eddy‘s “Jingle Jingle Jangle” is only available on the Xmas compilation DVD Cartoon Network Christmas Volume 2 – Christmas Rocks. Which could be a good thing, considering Season 4 of the show has never been released on DVD, nor does it look like it ever will be. However, Ed, Edd n Eddy Season 1 and Season 2 are available, and purchasing enough of them could send Cartoon Network a message…

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  1. This one is recent enough that i’ve actually seen it, but it was a while ago. Maybe i’ll watch it again.

    And yeah, they really liked jawbreakers and tried to scam to get them every episode.

  2. While I can see why people didn’t care for the ed’s I personally loved them. There is something about the way animation aids in physical comedy that just no other medium can. I love that rubbery quality that lots of cartoons today lack. And as a side note I found the movie to be a fitting ending for the series, lets hope we see something new from this studio in the future.

  3. I really liked this show, I remember they did a huge marathon of all the episodes in order before they played the final on and stopped showing Ed Edd and eddy on Cartoon network. Great choice

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