Witness the death of Kermit the Frog

And it’s OFFICIAL! Oh my… there must be some explanation

Sorry for the misleading headline there, but I never ever though I’d bear witness the demise of Kermit, nor could I have imagined it’d be performed by Jim Henson on national television forty years ago! Okay, I’ll come clean: That clip above comes a November 1966 episode of The Ed Sullivan Show.

It seems Ed Sullivan was a pretty hardcore fan of Henson and his creatures. The clip above marks the third of what would tally in at twenty-five appearances on the variety program, and Sullivan would go on to narrate the Muppets’ very first Christmas Special, The Great Santa Claus Switch in 1970. I found it on this bootlegy DVD called Muppets Magic, which compiles The Muppets’ spots on The Ed Sullivan Show and somehow managed to avoid the wrath of Disney’s lawyers for some time before going understandably out-of-print.

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  1. Funny I just found an old Tonight Show Clip with Johnny Carson that had 2 sketches from Jim Henson and this was one of them. Looked like a new years eve episode or something

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