Capcom goes to Disneyland

Here’s something to delight Disney dorks and NES nerds…

I love me some cartoons, but games are pretty much my life. Obviously, it gives me no greater thrill than when my hobby and profession overlap, and this runeth over so damned hard, it makes the little Venn Diagram that defines my life that much closer to a complete sphere! What the hell am I talking about? Well, Jim Hill Media tapped into a nostalgic oil well with a recent mind-melting post about the long gone Disney Afternoon Avenue. Did you know that back in the early 90’s when DuckTales, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin were dominating the after school airwaves, an entire section of Disneyland was once dedicated to the company’s stable of TV stars? Me neither!

Simply everyone was there!

Today in that walkway leading to “It’s A Small World” and “Toontown” you’ll find a largely dull corridor, occupied primarily by overpriced food vendors as well as an increasingly scarce park smoking section. But back in 1991, it got all kinds of gussied up in honor of the success of Disney’s newest small screen stars.

This can’t be to scale, right?

You could get your picture taken with the Launchpad McQuack or the Gummi Bears, then take in a live stage show starring Baloo and the Chipmunks facing off against Don Karnage and Fat Cat for a kickass series crossover.

The now defunct Motor Boat Cruise got Gummified. The died…

Showing even more faith its budding group of daytime celebrities, Disneyland even completely rebranded a couple of classic attractions dating all the way back to the 50’s to reflect The Almighty Disney Afternoon.

Autopia was Rescued

All of this already makes me want to kick my parents in the stomach for raising me on the East Coast, but I’ll NEVER forgive them for missing out on this attraction… Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Videocade presented by Capcom!

Too big for just one font

Inside Capcom’s Videocade, kids could get their hands on two of the best games ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System: Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers and DuckTales! Oh, and TaleSpin, I suppose. Coincidentally, this was also the same year Capcom and Disney teamed up for a national competition. The “Disney Capcom Playtour” conducted regional bouts and flew the winners all the way out to Disneyland to find the Ultra Mega NES Super Grand Champion… of DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin:

TaleSpin hadn’t even been released yet. What a champ!

Meanwhile, if that picture above is to be believed, a couple of park goers in Hypercolor fanny packs may have even got the chance to play with the stars of the game. Let’s see it again!


It was all over by 1993, and frankly, I see no reason to go on living. If I may recap: Two of my favorite games, based off of two of my (then) favorite shows, presented by two of my (still) favorite companies… perhaps they’ll be no Cartoon Christmas this year so that I may focus all of my free time on perfecting time travel. Kidding, I only stumbled upon it while doing research on an upcoming piece on a certain Xmas, in a certain show that appeared on The Disney Afternoon. Stay tooned…

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