Disney Day on Amazon means dirt cheap games

Save up to 70% on tons of Disney’s latest video games…

What? They made a Tangled game?! Anyhoo, Amazon’s done gone crazy and knocked 50% off just about all Disney’s console and handheld of recent memory. I can speak to the quality of all these, but Epic Mickey alone is practically worth the cost of a Nintendo Wii. More deals below.

PC gamers can save even more on downloadable titles, and there’s some pretty great stuff in here. Disney Universe is brand new and a steal for $10, Toy Story 3 is perhaps the movie greatest game EVER made, and that Disney Gamer Bundle contains two of the greatest, most underatted racing games ever made, Split/Second and Pure. Oh, and Tron…. (For TRON nuts only!)

These offers won’t last forever so CLICK HERE ASAP

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