AMAZING: Ren and Stimpy creator directs Simpsons couch gag intro!

Last Sunday, 90’s animation fans viewing Fox’s Animated Domination block might’ve noticed that their brains were on fire. I wouldn’t know. I’m so goddamned cool, I haven’t watched a new episode of The Simpsons in years…

Of course I’ve watched The Simpsons recently! I wrote up the Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Christmas special just last year and had my mind blown all over again. But this… this is an entirely different mindgasm.

I don’t know why I’ve always thought of Ren & Stimpy and The Simpsons as “feuding,” because the only battle they were ever really ever embroiled in was the fight for my attention and devotion 20 years ago. But I’m a one man demographic, so I doubt anyone noticed. Whatever the case, it was nice to see the two toon titans of my formal years lay down arms (even in my own brain) as John Kricfalusi directed The Simpsons’ opening “couch gag” and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen the show do in years. Yes, even cooler than Banksy’s heavy-handed opening.

Christ… I love the fact that The Simpsons has become such an unshakable empire, it seems to have no qualms allowing competitors a chance to put their stamp on Homer and Bart. Jesus… this officially opens up the floodgates for a plethora of synergistic relationships with other animators. I personally recommend they reach out to the dudes from Superjail. Those dude aren’t just animation badasses, they’re practically cartoon terrorists!

Cartoon Brew has more on the piece, including notes from John K himself, along with kickass concept art from this 40 second piece of pure bliss.

7 thoughts on “AMAZING: Ren and Stimpy creator directs Simpsons couch gag intro!

  1. John K. has become a parody of a parody of a parody of himself. I can appreciate that he’s trying to experiment, but I have trouble appreciating unclear visually busy hyperactive nonsense. Opinions!

  2. Get where you’re coming from, I do. But there’s a signature style there that even casual fans can recognize immediately. There’s something to be said for that. Plus, it’s not his show, so I’m pretty sure he just went for broke. HEART!

  3. The manic nature of John K’s style will always be very recognizable and genuine in its own way. I appreciate that he has his own unique and identifiable style. To the comment about the Marge “physics”, I get the impression that since Ren and Stimpy John K. has (intentionally or not) followed the age of his original audience. While Ren and Stimpy could be appreciated by young and old alike, his humour has skewed over the years to service an older crowd by having more blatant adult humour (see the Spike TV revival or Ren and Stimpy were Ren and Stimpy are implied lovers with a pitcher catcher joke). I haven’t been convinced that his adult skewed humour has hit like his older work but that being said his work is still fundamentally fun to watch. Crazy and weird animation is still much more enjoyable than bland and safe.

  4. I was surprised when I first saw it on Sunday. I instantly recognized the style as “Ren and Stimpy” but was at first thinking they were just mimicking. When I saw his signature at the end I realized it was something official. I would like to see all other animators take a shot. As an animation fan wouldn’t it be cool for a Disney or Pixar, or hell even a South Park style intro. There’s been over 20 years of the standard couch gag, this would be fun an new.

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