Segregate your favorite cartoon stars with the Cartoon Color Wheel offers an awesomely easy way to breakdown you favorite characters into proper pantoned ethnicity! See full pic after the jump…

Goddamn, this is great. First thing I loved is how this interactive chart can help you be a better animated bigot!

Click on over here to play with Slate’s interactive version

Note how not all colored characters are created equal. Bart Simpson and Top Cat could both be categorized as “yellow,” yet real world wars have broken out between cultures of similarly distinguished pigmentation.

Plucky, Genie, Grinch, Gazoo, Turtles – Christ, my head is spinning!

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice is that much of the wheel (roughly half) comprises blue and green characters, and most of which remain all-time personal favorites. It reminds me of a rejected Muppet t-shirt design from a recent Threadless contest involving a kickass premium Muppet Green Album pack. You should probably buy that, actually.

Why are the so few shirts about rainbows?!

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