The greatest MST3K animation ever made! Gamera invades the Satellite of Love

And it’s official! I don’t need to tell MiSTies that Shout Factory! has done a tremendous job on its DVD releases thus far, but with MST3K vs Gamera (out today!) they’ve truly outdone themselves…

Unlike the rather barebones Rhino DVD releases, Shout Factory! came out swinging with the 20th Anniversary set/Volume 13 set, effectively doubling the number of releases in all of three years, with collectible sets, figurines, custom-designed movie posters, and bonus features galore. But right outta the gate, what they’ve done with the MST3K vs Gamera set had me absolutely floored! There are no words for this caliber of awesomeness…

SWEET HOLY GOD! Normally I hate animated DVD menus, but damned it MST3K vs. Gamera’s DVD menu strike the epic tone from the start. It’s not just that the five Gamera episodes from season three are quintessentially synonymous with the series as a whole, but putting all five MiSTied Gamera movies out for commercial release was something fans were told would always be impossible.

You buy NOW!

Purchasing the rights to release these movies on DVD is always difficult, more so when the movie itself is popular. For instance, the final MST3K episode will probably never come out on DVD due to the movie, Danger Diabolik!, having a cult following and being owned and released by a bigass company like Paramount.)  It certainly didn’t help that Joel and the Bots mercilessly mocked the very-much-still-alive, American distributor of the Gamera films (Sandy Frank!) and the man has gone on record stating his distaste for their treatment.

But not only has Shout Factory! managed to pull off “the impossible,” they’ve done that shit right, with all five movies included inside a snazzy collector’s tin. For me it would’ve been enough just to own all the classic Gamera episodes (which is why I snatched up an advanced copy at Comic-Con) but they really went all out on the supplementals. You’ve got a Gamera history feature, a MST3K retrospective of Gamera, the Mike hosted MST Hour wraps, an interview with the effects artists The Chiodo Brothers, all the Japanese Gamera movie trailers, and more – making for over NINE HOURS of MST3K beauty. In short: MST3K vs Gamera is my DVD pick of the year!

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