Epic Mickey, now in Japanese

I’ve made no secret concerning my love for Disney’s Epic Mickey. I mean, if for no better reason than it’s a sweet, sweet serenade to Disney fans of all ages. See the now unintelligible trailer below…

As far as I can tell, it was a “success” in the states, selling over a million copies following its release last December (yet the Junction Point development team was met with pink slips anyway?)

One of my favorite levels features a Matterhorn made of discarded Mickey merch, including nods to his old games!

Admittedly, it Epic Mickey was a tough sell. Taking into account the sub-PS360 visuals, as well as the waning interest in traditional games on the Wii and motion controls in general, I’m surprised it sold as well as it did.

Meet Pete Pan!

Since then Nintendo’s announced a new console, so I’d imagined Epic Mickey’s day was all but done… But I’m happy to report that Nintendo itself has enough faith in the title, it’s picking up publishing duties in Japan! This is kind of a rare thing for a game developed by a Western third-party, but it speaks to the quality of the title. Plus, judging by the success of Kingdom Hearts, Disneyana is far more ingrained into the culture of the Japanese, so it should be met with open arms.

If you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT, especially since you can get Epic Mickey on the cheap right now. I can’t recommend the game enough, especially the Collector’s Edition, which in addition to a kickass Mickey figure, contains the only DVD currently in print with classic, uncut Mickey Mouse cartoons on it.

Oh, Disney… Hopefully the Japanese are forgiving (of this screen from “Commando Duck“)

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  1. Given Japan’s love for Disney, Epic Mickey might just rock their world (maybe a bad choice of words?). Unfortunately Epic Mickey hasn’t been enough to justify buying a Wii. Maybe some one will put out a bootleg DVD of all of Disney’s less favourable cartoon shorts so I don’t have to spend so much time on YouTube.

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