A double shot of Rocketeer love

The 20th anniversary celebration of The Rocketeer continues with a look at the Nintendo games and a rather incredible fan film…

First up is this ridiculously cool animated short done by Joe Banana, a French artist, and certainly not a parody 1940’s detective character as his name would imply.

Thanks to MontrealNerd and that_skinny_guy for bringing this to my attention

This is just incredible. However, it’s starting to bug me that I keep seeing this linked around with headlines calling it The Rocketeer done “Pixar Style,” as if John Lasseter’s company is solely credited with the use of 3D computer animation. I mean, I get it: It instantly let’s your audience know what it is, while also capitalizing on a popular brand… but is it really done in Pixar’s “style?” (Although that kid certainly looks a helluva lot like a young Carl Fredricksen from Up.) Makes me wonder if blogs existed in the 40’s, would any piece of animation on YouTube be referred to as “Disney-style”? Whatever, that’s neither here nor there… back to The Rocketeer!


Lastly, we have an extended look at The Rocketeer on both the NES and SNES with salty commentary from the boys at GamesRadar, one of whom happens to be me.

We’ve got some found memories of the NES version, which while balls hard, features some great sprite pixel art and utterly fantastic music, but I wish we’d gotten more time with the Super Nintendo version. There are a fascinating amount of similarities shared between Nintendo and Disney as companies, however, there’s one thing Nintendo shied away from early on that Walt did not: NAZIS!

The SNES version appears on the left, DOS version on the right

Among many, many things Nintendo forbid on its early consoles, Nazi swastikas and regalia were expressly prohibited and required censorship in order to appear on the platform in the US. It still strikes me as odd that Nintendo found content objectionable that even the fuddy-duddies at Disney didn’t, but The Rocketeer’s hardly the first case of that… DuckTales, anyone?!

Yes, before Capcom’s DuckTales could see an American release, Nintendo demanded those filthy crosses be removed so as not to offend religious fans of the Disney Afternoon

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  1. The deal with the SNES port also reminds me of when Wolfenstein 3D was ported to Super Nintendo. -Not only did Nintendo demand the exclusion of swastikas, but all elements of Nazi culture completely, lol!

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