New trailer for Pixar’s Brave looks pretty rad

Oh… when they’re not working on sequels to films I don’t like, Pixar can still get a “Wow…” outta me

What the hell? I’ve kept myself deliberately in the dark on Brave, but Pixar’s stab at a Scottish fantasy fable is looking pretty gorgeous. You can easily see why the film was originally titled “The Bear and The Bow” from the teaser trailer above which just unexpectedly dropped.


And damn! I’m not sure I’ve seen a real world animal animated with that much detail. What separates Pixar from Dreamworks is full evident in that goddamn bear, IMO.

Click to see the poster all high-rezzy

Brave hits theaters almost one year from today, June 22, 2012, thankfully before the Monsters Inc prequel – ’cause I’m getting tired of sequels… WAIT, WHAT?! Toy Story 4?! What the hell, Pixar?


5 thoughts on “New trailer for Pixar’s Brave looks pretty rad

  1. I’m from Scotland and I was surprised how well they have captured the environment. I mean almost every shot there I have either seen very similar in real life or can totally imagine it fitting in with the area.
    Maybe It’s just because I am Scottish but I feel Scotland if a very underused setting as it has a bunch of exciting folklore and heritage.

    @Frigginell Sorry but what are you on about? This isn’t a documentary or anything. If it’s anything like Pixar’s other work it will be amazing characters and stories that just happened to talk place in unusual and exciting environment.
    What you’ve said is like saying Finding Nemo is only for people who haven’t been to aquarium as people who haven been to aquarium know they don’t talk have friends.

  2. Oh dear, don’t know what happened to my grammar in that last sentence. Wish there was a edit button… What I meant was

    “What you’ve said is like saying Finding Nemo is only for people who haven’t been to an aquarium as people who have been to an aquarium know fish don’t talk or have friends.”

  3. Sorry then, but I have met way to many English people who are incredibly racist towards to the Scottish so I do get a bit touchy on the subject. I guess I can’t detect sarcasm through text, who would have known?

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