Zelda: The Ocarina of Stupid

Ever seen the Legend of Zelda cartoon? Don’t! Instead watch this hilarious montage of cringe-worthy clips…

For those who were fortunate enough to have been born after Nintendo gained a sense of shame, there was this little thing called The Super Mario Bros. Super Show that aired in syndication starting in 1989. Of the many, many atrocities that occurred on that program over the next three years, I think Zelda and Link had it the worst.

Here you have two of the most dignified, respected, heroic, and largely silent characters in the video game universe, now turned into a horny teenager and an ill-tempered bitch each and every Friday. I don’t recommend you watch any more of the show, but there’s a link below to purchase it just in case you truly hate yourself. Thanks to theswither, who previously brought us the ridiculous Marvel vs Capcom Stupidity, for having the strength to endure full episodes. You, sir, deserve a medal!

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