Pixar’s X-Men?!

I heard Magneto was getting his own prequel, but starting here could make for a very long movie. See the big ass version on below…

No, this you’re not witnessing the first cruel “Disneyifcation” of its Marvel brand! As we’ve seen already, the X-Men have had no trouble infantilizing itself, and Marvel’s even kicked around the idea of “Marvel Babies” long before Mickey got involved. You’re actually looking at a ridiculously professional looking piece of original fan art by 3D artist, Victor Hugo.

Click to see “MagNEATO!” in full, big ass detail

Hugo, who’s also whipped up some pretty beat ass CG Street Fighter illustrations, said he was inspired by the youthful treatment provided by fellow artist Skottie Young

So, let’s go ahead and hope this is the first of many 3D treatments from Hugo. Really, really wanna see that Cyclops baby!

2 thoughts on “Pixar’s X-Men?!

  1. The amount of detail in that model is insane. I’ve done a bit of 3d modelling but they were always crude blocky objects.
    Also thanks for exposing me to Skottie Young’s work. I had a look at his blog and some of his stuff is amazing. My new desktop background is Gonzo with his trumpet.

  2. Wow, as a future animator I really love this sort of stuff. I really want to see the Wolverine one next, with maybe candy cigars? One of his works would be my desktop but Calvin and Hobbes have already claimed it.

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