Happy 77th Birthday, Donald Duck

I do sincerely apologize to our baker’s dozen of regular readers for lack of posts lately. More importantly, I’d never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t acknowledge the birthday of one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters!

Happy Birfday, Double D! Art by Poschki

Yep, Donald Duck turned the rip old of age of 77 back on June 9th, so I thought I’d honor Disney’s ill-tempered water fowl with his very own Fan Art Friday, finding as many pieced of fan crafted pieces as I could scare up over at DeviantArt.com. If you dig any of the art below as much as I did, why not follow the provided links and let the artist know yourself?

Not sure why, but there’s a ridiculous amount of Three Cabelleros inspired art out there, such as this one by Henrieke

An irritated Don with comic book color scheme by Skrunch

I’m always happiest when Donald’s angry. Art by PaCoElMoRsA

For a change of pace, here’s the duck sullen and tweaked. Art by J-J-A

Okay, now that’s almost too sad. Art by Ubodan

Back to the happy with an amazing mosaic made up of cartoon still by CrystalMask. Click that shit to enlarge

World of WarCraft fans should get a kick out of mickeymonster‘s piece

Speaking of video games, akumath‘s duck sprite work rules beyond belief

And another Daffy clash by lzx. Anything that reminds the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a good thing indeed

Another Caballeros shot by Firecat1996

Back to the sad and disturbing thanks to Johannek. Wait, did he just kill Daisy’s grave?

Okay, back to the cheerful. Hopefully this makes you as happy as it makes me. Thanks again to CrystalMask

An amazing sketch by zdrer456 recalling the amazing 1952 short “Donald Applecore

Another sad one super fast by Utopicam and we’ll get you right back to feelin’ good

D’awwww… thanks for another Three Caballeros inspired piece, skyecrystal

Okay, one last cute one and we’re going to get into the weird… thanks Melian86

Awesome… just awesome paper planes

It’s like he’s guest starring on Ren & Stimpy! I’d probably get this tattooed on my body, Themrock

Jesus Christ… uh, thanks Cilluut

Can’t explain why, but this one might be my favorite. Amazing interpretation, UncleLaurence

Oh, I know why! ‘Cause I love Scrooge McDuck almost as much. Big ups to you Crabamoustache

More Don and Scrooge. This slick piece by endpiece

How ’bout some DuckTales/Carl Barks inspired art. Phenomenal, Frobman

BAH-NAH-NUH-NAAAAH! Duck, Don Duck by xXXxMarijexxXXx. Let’s do some Marvel ones!

Duck Ock by raheight

He’s like the last person who should be holding that hammer. By Smudgedredd

Very nice, Markside

Okay, we saw a lot of this after Disney bought Marvel. But let’s be honest, Donald as Hulk is the most approprite. Good on ya, aeolus06

Oh! Did you think me and lokiescape would let you get out of here without a few semi-disturbing depictions?

And I’ll leave you with this Kingdom Hearts inspired ladyboy cosplay. Thanks Hopie-chan

That’s it! And once again, a very happy birthday to the world’s most famous duck. And the last thing you should to to celebrate DD’s B-Day is watch none other than “Donald’s Birthday.” It’s the amazing 1949 cartoon that’s probably most famous for being awesome enough to force kids to smoke!

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  1. Ask a reader who checks this site weekly for new articles, I say thanks for keeping this site running. I love the site and talkradar and I appreciate all the hard work you put in to both.

  2. @Arnaud
    Glad you made it. Regardless of its age, it’s timeless and’ll probably never cease to make folks like me happy

    Thanks buddy, the encouragement meter just went up +2!

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