New Muppet Movie trailer shines through brightest day, blackest night

Like Green Lantern references? Then you’re gonna love this new Muppet movie teaser! More kickass The Muppets trailers below…

Good God, I’m so proud of how well Disney is marketing the new Muppet movie! Not only does today’s trailer spoof the upcoming, heavy-handedness of DC’s latest comic adaptation, it pokes fun at it’s own promotional insecurity. Thus far, teasers and trailers for The Muppets haven’t revealed much of anything as far as plot details go, and instead have taken a much sillier road. I can’t imagine what it must of been like to see the trailer below in theaters with no warning that it was related to a film starring the world’s most famous puppets.

The trailer plays for almost a minute as a typical Hollywood RomCom of the shittiest caliber – then BOOM! – Miss Piggy! But that’s what the Muppets do best: Send up popular culture. I’m not a fan of Kermit and Co. being shoehorned into classical adaptations such as Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, etc., and I’ve quite controversially (for this site, anyway) gone on record stating my distaste for wasting these characters on cliches and Holiday standards. When you do that, The Muppets become standard.

And they’re not! The Muppets are a reactive force against modern entertainment, with an added mix of earnest heart and adorable failure. I love these trailers. Muppet Studios has done a sensational job in keeping with the true spirit of these characters in general, and the movie’s marketing is doing an equally fantastic job towards setting up these sincere showmen with tongue-in-cheek expectations they can’t possibly live up to. After all, The Muppets just want to put on a show for the nice people, only to be kicked in the ass by the pitfalls of the entertainment industry. Or at least, that’s The Muppets to me anyway…

Oh, those legs

One thought on “New Muppet Movie trailer shines through brightest day, blackest night

  1. Kermit seems particularly out of place with legs, needs to have a fist up his rectum to look right. Either way trailers are at least interesting. The newer trailers seem quicker to reveal that fact that it is a Muppet movie, maybe the trailers will start to provide some insight into the plot.

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