I’ve unearthed a mind-blowing DuckTales connection!

After years of pained curiosity, I’ve wrapped up a personal enigma for good…

Having only recently purchased damn near the entire Disney Afternoon on DVD, I just stumbled upon a startling realization: My memories of the Disney’s DuckTales are fuzzier than an Italian kiwi.

Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby – DON’T TEST ME

Oh, all the main characters are there to stay in my brain, but recollections of actual plotlines and events… buh? But that’s not even the epiphany! Being totally honest with myself, a majority of my DuckTales warm-n-fuzzies extend not from the show, nor the Carl Barks comics on which it originated, but Capcom’s phenomenal NES game!

Listen up, people! This pertains to THE MOON…

Almost every gamer knows exactly what I’m talking about, as the 1990 classic is still held in ridiculously high regard. We can spend all day attributing that to any particular nuance, however, it’s clear to me that I’ve probably spent about as much time with the DuckTales game as watching the series. Or, at least, I’ve certainly played the game more frequently and recently.

Of course, I can’t remember the last time I caught an episode of DuckTales on TV… Plus, I’m willing to bet younger gamers, who’ve played it out of due diligence and/or out of curiosity as to why it still appears on “Best of” lists two decades after you could obtain a copy of it legally, probably haven’t seen the show either. Well, having blown through a couple of the DVDs, I can finally close the book on one of the game’s mysteries: What the hell is this thing?!


I mean, I understand Himalayan goats and duck mummies thematically, but that alien seemed very specifically designed. I’ve always found his presence a bit confusing, luckily the first disc of on DuckTales Vol. 1!

Meet Overlord Bulvan!

During the episode “Where No Duck Has Gone Before,” Gyro Gearloose accidentally builds a real rocketship on the set of a sci-fi TV show and jettisons Launchpad and the boys into space where they end up abducted by aliens…

CONFIRMED! Right down to the spats and “gun” belt

Tadaa! We have our answer. The aliens Scrooge cane-kills in the game’s famous Moon stage do in fact have a root in the TV series! (Hey, this is a HUGE personal discovery!) The conquest bound aliens hail from the planet Kronk, and if you look closely, the in-game version appears to be a palette-swapped, or rather, a film negative version of their leader Overlord Bulvan!

lol, teleporter humor!

Kind of blew my mind after all these years, so I figured I had to share 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’ve unearthed a mind-blowing DuckTales connection!

  1. Old Japanese games always take the most random characters simply because they like them. At least Scrooge never turns into a scorpion at any point in the game.

  2. I’m a little late to this party, but I discovered a second more subtle connection between the game and show.

    Just after the 40 second mark of the show’s intro we are treated to some globe trotting scenes. On closer inspection, however, I realized that a large number of the scenes are actually levels from the game. They appear in this order: The Moon, African Mines, The Amazon, and the final climb against Glomgold in Transylvania. Only thing missing in this sequence was the Himalayas.

    Or it’s just a big silly coincidence.

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