These losing Disneyland raffle tickets are filled with WIN

See what I keep saying about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure?
That’s doesn’t apply exclusively to discarded McDonalds toys, people. I don’t know what would compel a person to hold onto losing raffle tickets for two decades, but the folks at 2719 Hyperion managed to dig up some supremely cool pieces of long- discarded Disneyana.

Gadget, Chip, n’ Dale of the Rescue Rangers and Tinker Bell

Notice how all the tix state the Disneyland equivalent of “Drink Coke, Play Again?” These are just the losing tickets handed out at the gate. Were they winners, park goers would then have entered into another raffle at a kiosk to win the daily Disneyland Grand Prize of *drumroll*…

A 1990 Geo, that would then rise up from the earth right underneath the Disneyland Dream Machine kiosk. How cool is that?!

A car and other prizes available as part of Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary circa 1990

Better still, the tickets highlight things that no longer carry as large a presence at the Disney park, yet were instrumental to shaping my love for the company. Being 1990, you can see Roger Rabbit, The Rescuers (of Down Under fame,) and many of the all-but-forgotten stars from the Disney Afternoon! And since Splash Mountain had just opened in 1989, and Song of the South wasn’t yet the blight on Disney’s reputation it is today, look who else got to adorn several of the estimated 24 distinct character tickets:

Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and a Bear whose name escapes me

See the rest of the losing character tickets at 2719 Hyperion!

2 thoughts on “These losing Disneyland raffle tickets are filled with WIN

  1. Fuggin’ hate how they added all those dumb knock-off fairies to be Tink’s “friends”. I thought John Lasseter said he’d get Disney to reign in the BS?

  2. We have a full set of the Dream Machine Tickets “Sorry No Win” & what we believe to be the only set of Dream Machine Tickets that are marked “Winner”. Because they are marked “Winner” they have had the stub removed & the ticket punched. My 77 year old friend received them as a gift from one of the attendants of the 35th Anniversary Dream Machine Promotion. We are looking to sell the set if anyone knows of anyone interested.


    E.M. “John” Johnson

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