Fan Art Friday: Disney vs Capcom

A brilliant, feasible idea from deviantartist C-Clancy! See the whole mock up bigger than life below…

If you couldn’t tell by a previous post from earlier this week, my love’s comin’ at Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pretty crazy right now. Its a crossover of such fan-fellating magnitude, it still bowls me the fuck over as something I never thought I’d get to see (again.) Speaking of things I never thought I’d see, but have always desperately wanted to: BAM!

Click to enlarge, or see the original here

Here’s the roster listed by C-Clancy, in case you can’t recognize them all. Some nice choices, IMO!

Disney side:
Goofy, Mulan, Beast, Julious (Runaway Brain), Mickey, Kerchak, Rafiki, Malificent, Mrs Incredible

Capcom side:
Talbain, Bishamon, Ryu, Sagat, M.Bison, Cammy, Megaman, Viewtiful Joe, Zangief

But is a Disney vs Capcom game so impossible? Looking at the MvC3 title screen, I was reminded by two curious letter in the copyright gobbledygook: BV… hmmm, Bee Vee… Ah ha, Buena Vista, the name of the distribution outlet Walt Disney created in 1953, and has become pretty much synonymous with Disney in general. Oh yeah – DISNEY OWNS MARVEL. Technically, MvC3 is already a Disney game! So when it comes to the above cream dream, outside of the Hoggle looking Mickey Mouse, it’s not an entirely unfathomable match up.

Thanks to Kim F. for the link

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