CG Sequel Double Shot: Cars 2 and Puss in Boots trailers!

COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU… sequels to animated franchises I care very little for…
First up is a trailer for a movie announced damn near seven years ago, Puss in Boots.

I won’t pretend to be a huge Shrek fan, and I haven’t seen the latest (last?) film, but Puss is certainly my favorite character from the second film. Here’s hoping for some clever vagina jokes!

Next, you’ve got the sequel to my least favorite Pixar film, Cars 2:

I won’t be the first to claim a dislike for Larry the Cable Mater, but this trailer actually looks like a lot of fun. While you could call Cars Pixar’s only clear cut “for kids” film, I’ve always at least dug the color, look and scale of the whole thing (Think about it: A majority of Pixar’s movies follow small characters with a world relative to their size.)

Breathtakingly realistic

The opening in particular is pretty visually astounding, so I can’t wait to see their neon take on Japan. However, what I’m most curious about is how Pixar’s going to use this, ahem… “vehicle” like Cars to continue its tradition of trying to break your heart! As you can see from their latest films – UP and even/especially Toy Story 3 – the most interesting way the studio’s found to distance itself from the competition is by having the balls to leave a paying audience in tears.

Never forget…

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