Pixar’s UP in real life!

A new show on the National Geographic Channel has me OFFICIALLY interested…

Nice to see a magazine/brand I’ve all but forgotten about still knows how to capture my attention with all the photographic flourish I remember!

Meet your new Carl Fredricksen

An upcoming episode of How Hard Can It Be?, a new show premiering this fall on National Geographic, will put the air-worthy domicile from Pixar’s UP to the ultimate test!

Watch as doctors and scientists giddily inflate balloons!

From the looks of it, the new show is some kind Mythbusters with a focus on film, which is enough to have me excited. Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows I don’t need a fan recreation to do much more than look cool in order to get excited about it, never mind actually work! But this one does, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Actually, what’s your definition of “work”

Obviously, this thing isn’t to scale, but you can easily see how the NatGeo show’s team had to account for things the 2009 Pixar production didn’t. Like say… any balloon string or tether strong enough to lift an entire house is more than capable of ripping a chimney, roof, and undoubtedly – an elderly man, to complete shreds. Hence the accommodating hole in the roof, kids (SCIENCE!)

How’s in steer? Where’s it gonna land? CAN IT LAND?! I dunno… guess we’ll all have to wait until How Hard Can it Be? premieres on the National Geographic Channel in Fall 2011 to find out. Let’s all wave goodbye for now…


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