Bambi is out on Blu-ray right now

And ya’ll best be buyin’ that mess! Plenty of incentive below…
I honestly don’t need much of an excuse to re-buy Disney classics on Blu-ray since the High Definition transfer is all the reason I need. Having grown up on worn and cloudy VHS tapes, it’s usually an altogether new and more rewarding viewing experience.

If you need a reason to like this, give up on being human

Disney is probably all too aware of that flaw I certainly share with millions of others, and as such, most of the Blu-rays add very little in terms of new supplemental features. You’ve got a reenacted story pitch reading, two deleted scenes, and a deleted song about social media called “Twitterpated.”

Flower rules

I can’t really fault them for that, because the Diamond Edition of Bambi at least retains all the older DVD special features, which include two extensive behind-the-scenes docs, an excerpt from a 1957 episode of Disneyland, and one of Disney’s finest (Oscar winning!) cartoons “The Old Mill.”

We’ve written about this sequence previously in our feature on the slightly horrible A Disney Christmas Gift

However, my personal favorite among the new special features is the Blu-ray’s Disneyview. I can’t help it: Black bars on the sides of an old 4:3, pre-widescreen picture really bug me. To combat my new age irritation, Disney’s hired artists to paint watercolor backdrops to fill the void in their newer DVDs, thus filing the screen with glorious color!

The Disneyview option on the Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Blu

In general, they change out rather seamlessly to specifically fit the tone and motif from scene to scene, and I’d like to say they’re not distracting, but I’ve pretty much become fixated on them. Oh, and you won’t find them on the Standard DVD, but who’s still buying those?!

Another subtle optimization done to Alice in Wonderland

But the best reason to purchase the new Bambi DVD is without a doubt the incentive offered by If you’re not familiar with the DMR program (and damn sure should be if you’ve read this far) it’s that little insert you find in all Disney DVDs. Each code you register gives you points good for a bunch of tangible rewards, such as posters, collectible toys and even exclusive DVDs! (The hard to find DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp? Yeah, I got that there, and free, just by cashing in on stuff I was already buying!)

You probably didn’t know what this thing was (Don’t bother trying to redeem it, kids – it’s already spoken for)

Best of all, they seem to practically trip over themselves with incentives offered for you to rebuy classic Disney films you may already own. Exclusive goodies, contests, coupons, extra DMR points, etc. In Bambi’s case, not only can you find a printable $10 off coupon good ‘til March 8th, just entering the code inside your DVD on the DMR’s site gets you this:

Offers good until June… *drool*

An 18.5” x 27” reproduction on Bambi’s original theatrical poster! Dude…I was gonna to buy it anyway! Okay, this was supposed to be a quick post, I’m outta here. The Bambi Diamond Edition is out now on Blu-ray/DVD.

2 thoughts on “Bambi is out on Blu-ray right now

  1. I always saw those reward things but assumed it would be like the nintendo store where you spend like £100 and maybe get £1 back. I’m just adding up all my points just now hopefully save up for something nice.

  2. I mean, it’s still kind of a grift if you’re not buying a bunch of Disney flicks. But I do already, so I feel like I’m practically stealing. You shall see my bounty soon…

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