Looks like V-Day finally pushed Chuck over the edge

Did over thirty-five years of Valentine’s Day rejection turn Charlie Brown into a nicotine-addicted arsonist?! Either that, or Banksy’s back in town…

I’ll never know how exactly people in the press are so quick to attribute art to a guy who struggles fiercely to retain his anonymity while producing work in secret. But the reports are in: Banksy’s is in LA! And he’s got a good publicist who’s letting the world know he’s turned several of our cherished animated characters into of awe-inspiring acts of vandalism!

Mickey and Minnie, in a full on drunken grope-fest

If there’s anything I love more than unwanted “Street Art” that ruffles local feathers, it’s the stuff that actually looks good. (Seriously, your signature is interesting to nobody but you, kid.)

Napalm: A previous Banksy, featuring Mickey, Ronald McD, and the fleeing, naked girl made famous in an iconic Vietnam War photo

I won’t pretend to know much about Banksy. At least not any more than anybody else who’s seen his hilarious documentary / pretentious prank film, Exit Through the Gift Shop – which I thoroughly recommend and would absolutely lose my shit should it pick up that Oscar for Best Documentary!

In the film, Banksy and pals pull a hilariously disturbing guerrilla art installation right outside Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain to celebrate the magic of Guantanamo Bay’s detainment center

I don’t know from art, unfortunately… However, I do know this: This isn’t the first time Banksy’s employed classic cartoon characters to make, what I assume, “A Statement!” (Don’t mean to trivialize, but I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy these on a profoundly juvenile level.)

Whatever’s doing this to Tweety, I propose it stop immediately!

Above you can see an animatronic Tweety Bird molting morosely at a New York art installation.

Guess their attempt to become legitimate business men failed

An original acrylic painting of Baloo and the Jungle Book gang bound for execution, apparently commissioned by Greenpeace to condemn deforestation, yet went unused due to complaints from Disney and was recently put up for auction.

“Oh bother. I’ve become shackled to the pursuit of materialistic gain.”

The guy’s also notorious for this stencil art piece involving a pre-Disney Winnie the Pooh caught in a bear strap, seemingly after a losing battle with The Man brand Hunny. But my favorite animated stab by this mysterious artist is actually just that: Animated!

Evidently, the folks behind The Simpsons found Exit Through the Gift Shop as compelling and hysterical as I did, and commissioned Banksy to produce a “Couch Gag” for the 2010 season. What bothered me about it was the Internet’s knee jerk response of “Dude, Banksy really pulled one over on The Simpsons. lol!” Uh, dude, apparently the guy’s not easy to find… so assuming the producers went to all that trouble, and Bansky didn’t animate the thing himself, I’m fairly certain several dozen people saw the thing before it aired.

An enslaved unicorn using his horn to punch holes in Simpsons DVDs? Classic!

It was unarguably hilarious, albeit a bit harsh, I’ll admit. However, I’d argue that it was actually far closer to a “classic” Simpsons gag than anything I’ve seen air on this once controversial program in the last ten years. A perfect fit, IMO.

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  1. Awesome article. I absolutely love Banksy’s art as art but I can’t stand his pretentious and ignorant followers who proclaim him as some sort of satirical genius.

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