I made the Nativity scene better!

Looks like somebody’s back and at their parents’ home for Christmas and doing a little rummagin’ in the old toy box!

Just so you know, I had no ill religious intent in making this festive little McDonalds masterpiece. Jesus, Mary, Joesph? They’re still there! I would however argue that Gobo Fraggle, Merlin, and Buzz Lightyear kick the shit out of even the wisest of Wise Men any day of the week, though… So screw ’em!

Click here if you actually want to see them thing ridiculously big.

5 thoughts on “I made the Nativity scene better!

  1. I do this with the belen (Spanish tradition). Only it’s a whole town, and everyday you move the kings further to the manger. Only when I’m done, those kings have a lot to get through. Like Godzilla, Mr T, and Darth Vader.

  2. Oh man, I remember those reversible Tiny Toons toys from when I was a kid. I had the blue wizard too, and I *think* that’s the Buzz Lightyear I had from Burger King. Awesome.

  3. @CharlieFerret
    Right you are, Buzz is a BK exclusive!

    I don’t know why my parents threw out so many of my toys, but not the promotional stuff that came with fattening food they didn’t even want me eating in the first place… maybe it’s ’cause they were smaller?

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