I reviewed Epic Mickey!

Don’t pretend you ain’t jealous! Above you’ll see one of my favorite random thingys in the game: A decaying copy of Capcom’s 1988 abomination, Mickey Mousecapade lining the ground of the Mickey Junk Mountain level, along with several billion other discarded pieces of Mouse-related merch.

Look closely, and you can also make out Mickey’s Magical Quest, also in an officially licensed Nintendo cartridge. It’s one of several thousand “hidden” Disney delights in Epic Mickey, which I gave a 9 out of 10, by the way. Click here to read the whole review and make sure to peep the video I put together using footage from a tour of Disneyland taken with Epic Mickey mastermind, Warren Spector.

3 thoughts on “I reviewed Epic Mickey!

  1. I plan on getting this immediately. I have a close friend who was talking “So we are going to get Donky Kong Country Returns and run through it Co-op right?” I told him im not getting that BS when I can be playing Epic Mickey. You Idiot.

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