Here we go again… What Christmas Special do you want to see this year?


Against all odds, A Cartoon Christmas is back for another year, bitches! We dare you to care just one more time. All we ask is that you help us out with some Animated Holiday suggestions…

Holy crap, has it really been almost a year since we last covered an Animated Christmas Special?! Couldn’t be helped, unfortunately. Google Analytics dictates we be cryogenically frozen for eleven months since almost no one is looking for grammatically incoherent yuletide bibble-babble about animated Christmas specials come January 1st. And you know, Web 2.0 and all that…

mickey-lady-cluckThis is, essentially, how we do (From Mickey’s Christmas Carol)

Actually, screw that! We really should’ve posted more regularly as my affection for writing about Toons has done nothing but fester and mutate into a colossal red-and-green beast during the hiatus. Additionally, I was quite touched to hear a couple of friends express positive encouragement to carry on after I threatened not to do A Cartoon Christmas again at all this year.

Remember this? So do we!

But that’s what the site is for me, and possibly for those of you willing to nostalgically wade through 1000 words on cartoons the rest of the world may’ve forgotten, too: A true labor of love. (Not to mention a wonderful breather from spewing hyperbole about “those damn vidjagames” 24/7 for me personally.) So yeah… we’re back! And hopefully we’re gonna shake things up a bit.

Here’s some new stuff I’d like to do this year:
-An occasional feature?
-A Cartoon Christmas music podcast?
-Some Contests/Giveaways?
-Some custom art features?
-Possibly a guest writer or two?

pac-pepperMuch like the Pac-man Christmas Special, ACC remains fully committed to the utterly stupid as well

Our mission statement hasn’t changed on bit, of course. Humorous write-ups on the animated Christmas specials of our past and recent present, peppered with several dozen hand-selected screen grabs, will remain our primary trade. However, I was wondering if you guys could maybe help us make it a little more interesting this year. Oh, dare I ask the obvious question?

What Christmas Specials do you want to see the A CARTOON CHRISTMAS cover?

Seriously, let us know in the comments below and I’ll see to it that we do a couple of December’s posts specifically based on a couple of your suggestions. (Please no Star Wars, k thx)

I assure you, the He-Man Special is so dumb it should be illegal

As always, we’ll be providing product write ups along with links to, and we humbly encourage you to buy through our links simply because it helps cover the cost of the site. Purchasing through any related product link on A Cartoon Christmas is 100% safe, costs you nothing, and kicks back a pithy percentage of each sale into the ACC coffers. So let’s give this whole Cartoon Christmas thang a shot one more time, shall we? And please, tell us you animated Holiday favorites below, and we’ll call everything square on gifts for 2010.

14 thoughts on “Here we go again… What Christmas Special do you want to see this year?

  1. Oh man, it’s a tough choice, I always made sure to catch most of the old claymation toons that ran on Family Channel’s 25 Days of Christmas block, and they showed a TON of memorable specials.

    Ultimately though, it goes to “A Year Without Santa Claus,” the story is great, the soundtrack is listenable and still so well known to this day, and it’s just a staple of my holidays…

    Runner up would be “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” so, so good!!

  2. I hope this year, we’ll get to see more of the “Cartoon Cartoon” Christmas specials. The Johnny Bravo one with Donny Osmond guest-starring comes to mind, as do the Powerpuff Girls and Ed, Edd n’ Eddy specials. On the other end of the spectrum, I always remembered the Spongebob Christmas episode as being pretty funny (and a complete character turn-around for Squidward by the end of it).

    Oh, and on the subject of videogame-related Christmas specials, the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog one was absolutely, hilariously dumb.

    I’d suggest more “classic”, “shown-every-year” specials, but you pretty much covered all the ones I know last year. Anyway, glad to see this is happening again!

  3. Technically they’re not specials but perhaps a write-up on Simpsons classic Christmas episodes from over the years? The first full episode of the show was Christmas related afterall. Plus how can you forget the Christmas of Bonestorm?

  4. The Christmas Day episode of TV Funhouse. I guess your enjoyment of the ep. would tie in to how much you like Robert Smigel, but I think it’s worth it for “Tingles the Christmas Tension.”

    You might also want to do a piece on Robert Smigel’s Christmas-themed SNL TV Funhouse cartoons. He’s made some great ones. The “Fun with Real Audio” where Jesus tries to fix the holiday season ends with a touching Peanuts reference. You can tell I’m a sucker for Smigel’s work.

    Will “Frosty Returns” be touched on this year, by the way? I’d like to read your take on it, as inept a followup to “Frosty the Snowman” and “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland” as it is.

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