Dec. 17 – Pluto’s Christmas Tree

Original Air Date: November 21, 1952

Chip and Dale run amok in Mickey’s house, giving Pluto a helluva hard time.


Mickey Mouse has been around since 1928, and Pluto since 1930. A great many of Mickey theatrical shorts featured the hapless mutt, and Pluto managed to parlay the success into almost fifty solo cartoons, yet Pluto’s Christmas Tree was produced in the final throes of Disney’s theatrical cartoons.


A line of figurines based on the cartoon were produced starting in 1995

Most of its characters had been relegated to roles of domestic life, and only Donald Duck would see life on screen into the next decade. Both Mickey and Pluto appeared in one more theatrical short a year later, but would then remain unseen in theaters for three decades.

Warm tidings, all! And to get the bad taste of yesterday’s Christmas Special out of thy mouth, here’s yet another wonderful Disney short that I get to award a high-quality embed where you can watch it in its entirety.

You may not remember the name, but there’s next to no one I know who hasn’t seen Pluto’s Christmas Tree. It’s been aired continuously on television for almost sixty years, and you’ll find it included in many a Disney Christmas compilation.

pluto1Not as threatening as it looks

I defy anyone out there (even you, Jews!) not to feel these images resonate with them in some way. If you own a television, you’ve been exposed to this short at least once.

pluto-snowThe inspiration for Snow Dogs

And if you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a good part of your life confusing it with Toy Tinkers, as both feature highly similar premises.

pluto-insideYour Holiday decoration is their home

The difference here is that Chip and Dale are more forcibly brought into Mickey’s home, whereas in Toy Tinkers they pretty much intruded on Donald to steal his nuts.

pluto-axeMicky even makes wielding an axe look cute

I don’t mean to paint the sensational corporation in too noble a light, since technically they started it. Chip beams Pluto in the ass with an acorn, he chases them up a tree, which Mickey then chops down to – SURPRISE! – hang ornaments on.

pluto-decorateFamiliar yet?

I loveloveLOVE the Christmas Tree interiors, and that’s part of why I love the lil’ chipmunks to begin with. Despite their diminutive stature, everywhere they go always seems tailor-scaled to suit their needs

pluto-treeI know I could live here

Chip and Dale spend the duration of the cartoon mercilessly fucking with Pluto, while simultaneously trying to escape his wrath.

pluto-presentGeneric gifts, ruined in the name of comedy

And when Pluto can finally take no more, he lunges at the tree, basically wrecking every Christmas decoration in sight.

pluto-attackMickey and Pluto share a similar tail

Oh, Mickey is mad at first…

pluto-mickeyPuppy strangulation, also made adorable by Mickey

Until he discovers the Chipmunks himself, and offers them a reprieve from Pluto’s gnash on account of Christmas.

pluto-chipmunksCaught in a passionate embrace

And hey, you got a great ending here.

pluto-end1“Ohhh… just try not to ruin next Christmas”

In the days before Disney’s classic characters were required to appear only in ensemble, Pluto’s Christmas Tree features a rare cameo from Disney’s biggest stars!

pluto-cameoCaroling with a cello is serious business

jesus template

Why bother? Every character here is bigger than Jesus.


None, really. With the notable exception of the candles Dale uses as a disguise:



While Pluto’s Christmas Tree barely registers on any of the other meters, every single image is synonymous with the season for me. Perhaps you’ll rate it differently when you get your own blog.

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Pluto’s Christmas Tree is featured on the single disc Disney Animation Collection Volume 7: Mickey’s Christmas Carol, along with several fantastic Christmas cartoons like The Small One and Santa’s Workshop. I still say your best bet is picking up Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2 as it too contains Pluto’s Christmas Tree and Mickey’s Christmas Carol, plus over 5 hours of Mickey goodness that you can be sure is uncut and uncensored. It looks to be out of print, but sellers are still offering it on Amazon for a steal. Pick it up while you can, it’s bound to become a pricey collector’s item. Speaking of hyper-expensive, that Pluto figurine is the most expensive thing I’ve ever needed!

16bugsYesterday’s Christmas Special:

5 thoughts on “Dec. 17 – Pluto’s Christmas Tree

  1. I remember watching this every year as a kid around the Christmas season. My dad was (and still is) a huge Disney fan and as a child of the 80s, it was great timing on his part when it came to impregnating my mother. Classic Disney cartoons like this one are the things I will always remember when I think of my childhood. Chip and Dale were two of my favorite Disney characters and this particular holiday cartoon was one of the reasons why I liked them in the first place. Rescue Rangers obviously helped, but that came later.

  2. The moment that MAKES this cartoon for me?

    After seven minutes of Pluto trying to get the message across to Mickey, Mickey finally (after the tree’s needles are gone) sees Chip and Dale.

    “Pluto! We’ve got CHIPMUNKS in our tree!” he says.

    And Pluto responds with the biggest facepalm ever caught on screen.

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